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Other Cacti and Succulent genera

Other Cactus and Succulent genera

To round out this page and make it somewhat comprehensive, we should at least list some of the other genera and species we carry so that you can see them all in one spot. In keeping with our theme of variability and flexibility, ask about sizes and prices:

  • Cylindropuntia (many species)
  • Echinocereus (several species)
  • Echinomastus johnsonii
  • Gymnocalycium (several species)
  • Mammilaria (several species)
  • Opuntia (many species)
  • Euphorbia (several species)
  • Fouquieria columnaris (boojum tree)
other cactus and succulent genera

Other cactus and succulent genera at D:FR
Image by Jan Emming.

Sale and Shipping Info

We are constantly evolving and adding to what we grow and sell here at D:FR, so if you are interested in finding a plant that is not on the list provided here, please write us and ask about it by emailing Jan Emming. You can also call (928)766-2597 if you prefer. We do not have an automated order form on this website due to the highly variable and individualized nature of what we carry, so either write or call to discuss your order with a real person. Shipping and freight charges vary widely and are strongly dependent upon the size of the plant and its weight, as well as the distance it needs to be sent relative to Arizona. Payment is accepted via cash, check, money order, Venmo, PayPal or Zelle

Thank you for your support of Destination: Forever Ranch and Gardens. We look forward to serving you.

We cannot sell saguaros larger than about 36 inches tall via mail because of weight limitations. If you live within a few hundred miles of Northwest Arizona and desire a large and mature saguaro cactus for outdoor or landscape applications (more than 4 to 5 feet tall) email us for specifics on how to go about getting one and the costs. See the Saguaros For Sale page for more detailed information on saguaro cactus pricing.

We will be happy to provide an estimate for shipping based upon any plant that you want to have sent via mail, or by delivery in the case of larger saguaro cactus or Joshua trees. Email Jan Emming or call (928)766-2597 to make such inquiries.

Shipping within the United States is straightforward, but shipping internationally can be complicated and very expensive. It is possible to send saguaros and other large, heavy plants overseas, but there is some risk involved of extra fees, or with import authorities refusing entry of the items into the country. We cannot be responsible for extra fees, taxes, licenses, permits, or rejection of internationally shipped plants, so be aware of the potential problems before you order.