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Golden Barrel

Golden Barrel Cacti

The golden barrel cactus for sale are also very nice, field-grown plants, with a gorgeous yellowish-orange spine color in the centers where the new spines are forming, grading to clear lemon-yellow on mature spines that have grown out to the sides of the plant. We offer these golden barrels in the following sizes and prices:

  • 5-inch diameter plant - $15.00
  • 6-inch diameter plant - $20.00
  • 7-inch diameter plant - $25.00
  • 8-inch diameter plant - $30.00
  • 9-inch diameter plant - $35.00
  • 10-inch diameter plant - $40.00

Note: All sizes are the plant's body only - spines are not included in the measurements. On occasion larger golden barrels are available, but they are a come-and-go proposition and as such we do not list them as always available. Just ask, and if you want to be placed on a waiting list for the next good larger one that surfaces, we will be happy to accommodate you.

Payment: cash, check, money order, Venmo, PayPal or Zelle. There is no order form on this website, since maintaining a current and accurate inventory and automatic ordering list would be prohibitively time-consuming. Email Jan or call him to discuss your needs in person. Once we have determined what you need and that we can help you, we will arrange payment via one of the methods above.

Echinocactus grusonii, aka Golden Barrel Cactus

Image from World of Succulents.

Barrel Cactus

Barrel cactus are the most popular when they are between the size of a cantaloupe and an average-sized seedless watermelon, and present less of a shipping problem, since they are more compact. Barrel cactus prices run from $10 to $100, and dimensions range from about 4” across and under a pound in weight to as much as 24" tall and 60 pounds in weight. Ask us if you seek one that you are not seeing listed. Shipping a barrel cactus can be anywhere from $12 to $60; of course the wide range is the result of variables in size and distance and we can give a more accurate quote when we know more about your particulars.

Echinocactus grusonii, aka Golden Barrel Cactus

Image from Phoenix Water Front Talk.