Welcome to Destination: Forever Ranch and Gardens!

We are a group dedicated to the creation of a desert botanical garden and sustainable living homestead in the Arizona desert. Our location is approximately 17 (road) miles from the small town of Yucca, Arizona. The nearest sizeable towns are Kingman, Arizona (45 miles north) and Lake Havasu City, Arizona (50 miles south and west). This web site will be updated periodically to reflect progress that is made with respect to plantings and infrastructure as it is added, so please check back on occasion to see how we are doing.

Intent and Purpose of this Project

Specifically, we are interested in sustainable living of all sorts, with regionally appropriate modifications depending upon the ecological zone. Since we are located in the desert of West-Central Arizona, we feel that the only appropriate choice for a botanical paradise here is desert plants. One of the main focuses of the Ranch is to educate people as to the beauty and diversity of dryland (also known as xeric) plants, both in North American arid regions as well as those desert biomes from all other areas of the earth.

Other interests include biodiversity issues, reducing carbon usage, off-grid living and renewable energy, green building, and water harvesting. We hold a philosophy of sustainability, reducing impact on the ecosystem without sacrificing quality of life, and leaving the earth and society better than when you started. Emphasis will increase upon issues of local ecology, economy, community, and culture as we evolve and change.

Please contact Jan Emming with your comments about the site. They are appreciated. For mailing address and location information, see our About page, or call us at (928) 766-2597. Thank you.