Plants For Sale

We do have a nursery division at Destination: Forever Ranch and Gardens, and we sell a large variety of plants, primarily cacti and succulents, although we do on occasion special-order other xeric shrubs and trees from area suppliers. In addition to much nursery-grown stock, we sell a certain number of plants salvaged from the path of development. The salvaged plants are primarily Arizona natives such as Joshua trees, ocotillos, red barrel cactus, yuccas, and hedgehog cactus, although there are other less-requested species that surface as well from time to time.

We also occasionally handle requests for the removal of cultivated landscape plants that the current owners of area homes and properties do not want, and on occasion we come across large specimens of non-native plants that are very worthy of rescue. Please see our Cactus Rescue and Salvage Page for further information on removing or buying large domesticated specimen plants that originate from cultivated circumstances.

It is impossible to list every thing we have available at a given time since the inventory is constantly evolving and changing. If you are seeking a particular plant that you do not see mentioned, please contact me to inquire about it. There are decent odds that we either have it or know where to find it for you.

What We Sell

At D:FR, we have a few plants that are popular and commonly requested. These include saguaros (Carnegiea gigantea), golden barrels (Echinocactus grusonii), red barrel cactus (Ferocactus cylindraceus, synonymous with Ferocactus acanthodes), Joshua trees (Yucca brevifolia), Mojave yuccas (Yucca schidigera), and ocotillos (Fouquieria splendens).

Several of these are available only as bare-root, salvaged wild or landscaping specimens and are therefore completely individual in size and quality and pricing. This means that there is no set standard for the price and availability that can be put into a tabular format, although they can of course be broken down into large and generalized categories.

Two of these plants, Joshua trees and ocotillos, are discussed in detail on a separate page. For a list of sizes and prices on saguaros and golden barrels, please visit our Saguaros and Many Other Plants For Sale pages, respectively.

Payment methods accepted are cash, check, money order, or PayPal. There is no order form on this website, since maintaining a current and accurate inventory and automatic ordering list would be prohibitively time-consuming. We ask you to contact us via email at Jan Emming or by phone at (928) 766-2597 to discuss your needs in person. Once we have determined what you need and that we can help you, we will arrange payment via one of the methods above.